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I grew up in the Boston area and lived there until my junior year in high school when I attended the Mountain School, a semester program run by Milton Academy in Vershire, VT. I then attended Colby College in Waterville, ME. During my time at Colby I studied anthropology, spent a semester in Northeast India, and became fluent in Nepali. Before I became a guide I earned my black belt in kenpo karate and taught karate for 6 years. I began guiding in college on the rocky coast of ME with Acadia Mountain Guides and on ice at the International Mountain Climbing School in NH. After graduating I took to the highway and drove from ME to WA for the big mountains and glaciers. I spend my winters in lovely Ouray, CO guiding in the famous ice park. I am currently working towards becoming a certified guide through the American Mountain Guides Association. I live, work and play in the hills and on the rocks. On the rocks both literally and, well, with ice.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well folks, it is time to hit the road again. In a couple of days I will point Kimchee, The Korean Express (my Hyundai) toward the Pacific North West. Twenty hours plus a visit to my good friends in Corvallis later I will arrive at the foot of Mount Rainier.

I am looking forward to the drive. The United States is a very automotive country and I think traveling our highways is a wonderful way to see the country, its people,and really feel the grandeur of its geography.

In my travels to through Europe, and to Ecuador, India, Nepal, Israel, Costa Rica, Belize, Thailand, etc. I have noticed that nowhere seems to have the grand endless expanses of landscape and variety of terrain that we have in the US. As I drive across this country, politics and ideology aside I renew my love of this land.

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